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German test A1,A2,B1


To verify or improve your knowledge for you are created German tests for the level A1, A2, B1. When you are studying the theory, doing some exercise, you may feel that you have learned well a particular material. But it is a lot more efficient to test yourself on real examples. German language skills at least at the primary level is very important now. Even if you have not gone in German-speaking countries, you will be much easier to adapt and solve any problems, and find new friendsThe first section "Grammar" is focused on the articles, verb endings and spelling. Also it contains translations of important words
Further, the "Pictures" you will remember things using visual associations. All terms in the test are announced
"Phrase Puzzle" - a mosaic of parts of the proposal, you need to collect it in the correct sequence
In "Word Puzzle" you need to find the missing letters in the word
Category "Learn the words" is a list of verbs and nouns with German translation
It is very useful to study every day at least a few minutes. Then any tests will be for you very easy and your knowledge will grow from A1 to A2, B1, and more!
Your feedback and evaluation is very important for the development of application!
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